Monday evening, October 13 initiator Hanna Verboom, in the presence of many Cinetree members and other stakeholders are presenting Cinetree, the new video on demand film platform at the Filmhallen Amsterdam

Cinetree is a new video on demand (VOD) platform that focuses on cure of special films and documentaries. The trustee company – including the passionate storytellers Halina Reijn, Joris Luyendijk, Femke Halsema, Jimmy Nelson, Jelle Brandt Corstius, Jim Taihuttu, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and Nalden – makes a selection from the world of films based on key themes and stories. Besides content also plays the craftsmanship of those who play a role. Cinetree offers content in the form of a monthly or annual subscription. Cinetree costs 4.99 per month and offers them monthly and new selection of some 10 films. Additionally Cinetree organize offline events such as movie nights. With the profits from the initiative developed new films.

The launch was helt at the De Filmhallen in Amsterdam West, after withnessing movies like Pride, Wild Tales and Blackfish there visitors were treated on an exclusive performance of Wende Snijders, the Brass Rave Unit and Geza Weisz behind the DJ booth at Hotel de Hallen.

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FAR mgmt made sure the launch ran smoothly by handling the production.