The fast rising producer/singer duo in future electronic soul  – Full Crate x Mar are at the international forefront of electronic music. Hailing from Amsterdam, the Dutch duo have been causing a serious stir online and in the underground for the past year.

‘Man x Woman’, the duo’s new single, has already garnered over one million plays on YouTube and SoundCloud and holds the record for the most shared and liked song on the popular Facebook page of Majestic Casual. Newest single “Her Window” already received early support from artists like The Magician, Mike Mago and Billon and was premiered by the leading EDM.com.

Alongside their success as a duo, they are both also successful with a handful of solo releases. FAR management is partnering up with Headfirst.am in guiding the duo in their fast rising career.

Check out their latest release with UK partner Island records “Man x Woman” here

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FAR management is consulting FULL CRATE X MAR in partnership with Headfirst.am